Decorative Concrete Floors in Los Angeles CA

Color CHart

 Serving residential, commercial and industrial properties

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Solid Colors

Clean and simple, solid colors epoxy flooring.

Metallic Epoxy

Marbleized and melted glass look, metallic epoxy flooring.

Metallic Flakes

Unique natural metallic flake look

1/4″ Flakes System

 Most popular, terrazzo look 1/4″ flakes epoxy flooring.

1/8″ Flakes System

Get additional dept and texture using 1/8” flakes epoxy flooring.

1/16″ Flakes System

Clean and straightforward 1/16″ flakes epoxy flooring.

Brindle Flakes

Clean, glossy and granite stone look 1/4″ and mix of 1″ & 1/4″ flakes epoxy flooring.