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Solid Colors

Clean and simple, solid colors epoxy flooring.

Metallic Epoxy

Marbleized and melted glass look, metallic epoxy flooring.

Metallic Flakes

Unique natural metallic flake look

1/4″ Flakes System

 Most popular, terrazzo look 1/4″ flakes epoxy flooring.

1/8″ Flakes System

Get additional dept and texture using 1/8” flakes epoxy flooring.

1/16″ Flakes System

Clean and straightforward 1/16″ flakes epoxy flooring.

Brindle Flakes

Clean, glossy and granite stone look 1/4″ and mix of 1″ & 1/4″ flakes epoxy flooring.

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Emil quickly contacted me to schedule an appointment for estimate. He showed up as scheduled and we discussed the project. A written estimate soon followed. Upon my acceptance, the work was scheduled for a few days later. His crew arrived exactly on time and Emil was present during the entire job. The team did a great job and left the area clean with no evidence that anyone had been there. Great job!
Darby C.
20:25 24 Nov 21
Top Epoxy Flooring did an amazing job installing our garage floor, everything went super smooth and beyond our expectations, highly recommended!
Billy D.
18:33 20 Apr 22
As the old sentence said, satisfaction guaranteed!
Marcie A.
21:18 26 Mar 19
They went above and beyond. My home is old. My slab was not level and I had many cracks. The team was so professional and hard working. My floors are level and beautiful. They explained my options, they listened to what I wanted. To see the rocks and beauty of the concrete. Excellent job. Thank you!
darnell Y.
08:33 04 Mar 21
When you meet good people they deserve to be recommended! I had a great experience with the company and I will tell to everyone, if you need this type of services, use this company with no worries!
Krishna H.
23:48 11 Apr 19
Emil the owner of the company came out to the job site himself to check out the workWas a real pleasure working with themOur garage epoxy floor came out amazing!
Zack L.
22:08 22 Mar 19
Tim just completed coating my garage. It was easy and fast to set up a date for the work and the floor came out just beautiful. A plus: Tim and his team were very professional and punctual. My original garage floor was a mess with all sorts of large cracks and holes. His team did an excellent job at patching and figuring out a few tricky parts in order to prepare the floor. They took their time to get everything perfect. I really appreciate their hard work and look forward to a great floor for many years.
Chryste W.
04:49 24 Nov 21
Amazing company to work with, highly recommended. 🙌
Emil A.
00:03 05 Oct 22
Top Epoxy Flooring did a great job on my epoxy garage floor. The technician carefully explained the process and the timing, help make suggestions on coloring and showed up punctually. Everything worked exactly as he explained. It was a great experience and I would HIGHLY recommend the company. Five star service!!!
Pradeep S.
05:09 30 Nov 21
Great service, very easy going process from start to finish, our garage epoxy floor looks amazing, can't believe it all done in just one day.
Henry P.
04:54 24 Oct 22
Emil and his team work hard and efficiently. They are neat, clean and have a tremendous level of attention to detail. Those traits ensure that this product has been applied properly and looks its absolute best on your floor.
Michaela M.
03:30 01 Oct 21
They did a fantastic job. They were very competitively priced and quickly finished the project. I would highly recommend them. Very professional with timely estimate and service. The quality of the product and workmanship are both terrific!
Danielle M.
03:43 16 Mar 21
Great! The crew turned a dungeon into a showplace. The price was very fair and the floor looks amazing!!
Frankie W.
06:18 23 Jan 22
Great guys with top notch service! The garage floor coating was beautifully done. They were prompt and the price was reasonable. Thanks
Dawn J.
17:25 07 Aug 19
I had epoxy coating installed in my home workshop and it's made a big difference. The floor is now much easier to clean and it's also more resistant to damage from tools and heavy objects. The coating also gives the space a more professional look. I highly recommend epoxy coating to any DIYer or hobbyist.
Luuk D.
22:59 27 Mar 23
Emil did a great job! He responded immediately to my request for a bid, arrived two days later, and did a wonderful job with our floors. The depth of his experience was reflected in the choices he offered during the process. Thank you for a wonderful outcome.
Charlie L.
04:32 30 Nov 21
We recently had epoxy coating installed in our veterinary clinic and it's made a huge difference. The floor is now slip-resistant, which is important for animal safety, and it's also very easy to clean. The coating also gives the clinic a more modern and professional look. We highly recommend it to other veterinary clinics.
Mark B.
22:43 27 Mar 23
We used Top Epoxy Flooring to epoxy coat our business floor, I have nothing but good things to say about Emil the owner and his team, super professional reliable company, highly recommended!
Elizabet G.
16:56 24 Oct 22
I cannot say enough good things about this company. The owner was very professional and willing to work with me. His crew showed up at the exact time he said they would and worked two days without any issues. The floor looks great and I am very happy with the results. Thank you for giving me that old fashion service (so many businesses have forgotten about) and for giving me exactly what I asked for!
02:20 30 Oct 21
I must say that Shawn and Shamus are INCREDIBLE !!! They did a great job on my garage floor and are really nice people. But what I really like about this company and their ethics. After a few hours I walked outside and saw some stains on the driveway that were stick or tacky. I was not wanting to track that into my car or house, and took some pictures and sent the to Emil the owner of the company. He immediately called me and told me someone would be out to powerwash the driveway. I asked when and he said either tonight or tomorrow morning. This is like 4:30 pm so I just figured that it would be tomorrow. I was wrong ! About 5:30 I see the same two guys Shawn and Shamus getting out of their car and started to clean the driveway. They finished in about an hour and half. It's now 7:11 pm and I am writing this review. GREAT GUYS and if it was me Emil, I would give them a raise to keep them on board, that good of help is very hard to find, becaused they acctually cared about what they were doing. So for anyone questioning someone to epoxy their floor, these guys(Shawn& Shamus) are the best, in fact ASK for them to do the work.
Tom D.
02:14 30 Jun 22
The floor turned out Amazing. Quality work. The owner is honest and friendly. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to do this kind of Flooring!!
Breann B.
03:01 24 Apr 21
My experience with Emil has been second to none! Over the multiple projects we have worked on together the product has always turned out immaculate. The attention to detail, work ethic, and professionalism is always above par!🙂
Melissa H.
04:55 21 Jan 22
Meticulous, reliable, on-time and thorough, cared about the quality of work. Moved their schedule to make a time constraint work for us. Would use them again. Highly recommend!
Jordan P.
00:52 09 Nov 21
Austin and his team are very responsive, professional and skillful. Very happy with their job, already recommended to family and friends.highly recommend.
Madison D.
12:15 12 Oct 22
Owner visited my residence and then provided a written quote. I was concerned about the excess oil stains on the cement. They were able to grind the stains before installing the epoxy coatings; garage floor looks good. Workers arrived as promised and finished the job on time. They were friendly and answered my question about their work. This company provides a two year warranty which was an important factor for me.
Charles P.
03:32 18 Oct 21
They did a great job and both associates were very nice and answered all my questions. They are hard workers and they are dedicated in doing a great job. I couldn't be happier with the results.
Jas. F.
16:19 20 Jan 22
Tech did a great job with epoxy flooring in our garage and outdoor patio. He was very professional and responsive in his communication and promptly completed the job. I plan to use his services for other house projects in the future. I recommend him for house projects.
The D.
06:53 09 Jan 22
Top Epoxy Flooring did an amazing job providing my garage with the perfect floor finish it deserves. Sharon was professional and helped us understand the process from start to finish. I would definitely recommended them for all future epoxy floor projects!
Shawn R.
17:34 25 Oct 21
They were very professional and friendly. They took their time to make certain nothing was damaged and they cleaned up very well when thr job was completed. I would hire them again if I need other work done.
Bradley N.
05:20 11 Apr 21
Excellent product and the installation process was quick. Customer service is fantastic. We were informed every step through the process what to expect! They know what they are doing. They execute the project to the highest standards!
Lilleth H.
18:50 13 Mar 21
I would highly recommend using Top Epoxy Flooring company to anyone with high expectations. Our personal experience included punctuality, cleanliness, responsiveness and a dedicated work crew. They spent the majority of the first day prepping (which was a key factor to the finished product). My 1954 era garage floor had cracks and multiple paint colors that needed that extra attention requiring a two day process.Thanks again Top Epoxy Flooring!
Amilin A.
18:48 05 Dec 21
The actual work performed was an extensive repair of my two-car garage floor, which consisted of a 100 percent solids pigmented epoxy, followed by a hybrid blend coating of decorative chips and top-coated with polyaspartic polyurea. My garage floor is now beautiful and durable and a 180 degree improvement from how it looked before--which was pretty awful. I would definitely recommend them.
Marcus J.
21:02 30 Sep 21
Epoxy-It is phenomenal! The owner catered to all of my requests and needs with out batting an eye. I felt so taken care of and now the garage is my favorite part of the house. We can’t wait to work with you again, thank you!
Frank Abdullovski J.
01:16 24 Apr 21
Great communication setting up and good job. Wish they had explained better what to do and not do for the curing process, and I had to spend some time cleaning up some messes they left (some sanding of floor and scraping off excess on pavers). Overall, happy with they quality of work
Tyler W.
13:02 19 Sep 21
The guys did a great job communicating the project from start to finish and what to expect as in the drying process, smell etc. I'm very happy with the work they provided and the end results were beyond my expectation. I would highly recommend this company for their services!
17:18 07 Mar 21
The entire process was done so quickly and dried so fast. Cars back in garage same day! My garage floor looks great! Completed it in one day. Very impressed.
Kacie A.
19:36 07 Mar 21
We have referred many of our clients to reach out to Top Epoxy Flooring, all of which have been very satisfied. We are happy to refer them to a company that offers wonderful customer and professional service such as Top Epoxy Flooring. They always provide amazing quality of epoxy flooring to many garages we have personally seen transform from bland & dull flooring to amazing creations. Great job always!!
ALL Garage Doors & G.
15:10 29 Aug 23
Service was outstanding! They completely transformed our garage. We didn’t know that a new Epoxy coat on the old floor will make such a difference. Thank you Emil !
SapphireDities W.
05:24 27 Dec 21
I recently had epoxy coating installed in my gym and it's made a huge difference. The coating is slip-resistant, which is important for safety during workouts, and it's also very easy to clean. The gym looks much more modern and professional now. I would definitely recommend epoxy coating for any gym owner.
Stephen R.
20:57 27 Mar 23
We had a great experience!! Everything was completed on schedule and to my satisfaction. The crew worked efficiently and was communicative and clean during their work.
Shana L.
06:56 12 Jan 22
I am thrilled to share my experience with Top Epoxy Flooring. From the moment I contacted them, their professionalism was evident. They provided detailed explanations about the epoxy garage floor process and helped me choose the perfect design for my space. The installation team arrived promptly and displayed impressive expertise. They meticulously prepped the floor and flawlessly applied the epoxy coating. The result is a stunning garage floor that has completely transformed the space. The surface is not only visually appealing but also feels incredibly sturdy. I couldn't be happier with the outcome, and I wholeheartedly recommend Top Epoxy Flooring for their exceptional service and top-quality work.
Aidan S.
23:17 24 Aug 23
Very easy and responsive to communication, the guys that came out were cool, friendly and professional, and they did my garage floor exactly how I wanted with white and grey marble metallic epoxy look and it came out awesome everyone who sees it loves it.
Concepcion C.
21:57 13 Nov 22
the team did my garage floor. Great communication, on time and very nice results. I don't think I realized how damp my garage was until that floor was redone. My car is definitely not nice enough for this floor!
Sonja S.
05:15 23 Oct 21
The garage floor came out amazing, thank you guys for your hard work!
Danielle D.
15:55 06 Oct 22
arrived on time, explained every step of the process, kept my garage and surrounding area clean during entire process. would highly recommend them for your epoxy flooring needs.
Lisa T.
23:39 19 Mar 21
Outstanding work! We just got it completed today. Mr. Emil provided exemplary professional service, quality and value, and the cost was extremely reasonable. The floor looks fabulous and exceeds our expectations. We give them a rating of 5+++!
Rebecca B.
05:35 11 Oct 21
Very reasonable prices and a very nice team to work with! They turned a really ugly concrete floor into an amazing work of art! I was not sure how this would look, but how it turned out exceeded my expectations! Once again, thank you and I will definitely recommend them to anyone! Very professional and prompt at getting back to you-and during the work! Again, thank you very much!
Sierra K.
19:06 13 Oct 21
We contacted Top Epoxy Flooring about an estimate for our 2-car garage and they provided a professional detailed estimate along with a timeframe on when the work could be completed. They are one of the most professional home improvement businesses I have encountered. They arrived when they said they would, and everything went according to plan.
LeBaron B.
05:14 17 Jan 22
If you are in need of epoxy work at your home and you have the opportunity to hire Emil from Top Epoxy Flooring, do not hesitate to hire him! I promise that you will be so happy that you did.
They were extremely knowledgeable when it came to finishing my garage floors. They completed the work in a timely fashion and I couldn’t be happier with the completed look. Highly recommend! Couldn’t ask for more.
desiree R.
01:28 05 Mar 21
I can tell they are pros, they grinned the concrete and didn’t acid the floor, worked clean and fast. they did amazing epoxy floor here.
Jackeline B.
21:31 02 Apr 19
Emil and his crew are fantastic. They're experienced, do a thorough job, take pride in it and patient. They take their time and are meticulous. And they're priced right. It is rare that you can refer someone without any reservations. If you need flooring done (epoxy or poly), you can stop your search and just go with Top Epoxy Flooring !!
brooklyne S.
00:21 15 Jan 22
A Google U.
02:36 28 Feb 22
20:42 18 Apr 22
Professionally installed garage floor by Top Epoxy team, highly recommended.
Karole A.
07:07 26 Sep 21
Looked for a company who can do professional epoxy in my store. I have here heavy traffic and we are moving boxes from place to place so needed something pretty but couldn’t compromise on quality. I think those guys did the job, we few months after and the floor looks like new, easy to clean and looks stunning.
Jami O.
18:06 21 Mar 19
Top Epoxy applied an epoxy coat to our garage floor. The results match the sample they showed us exactly, and it looks wonderful. We are very pleased. They went above and beyond for the cleanup as it was a windy day and the little flakes that they use went all over the place. Our yard was cleaner than when they got here! Very nice, professional gentlemen. Highly recommend them and their service.
Lorri A.
23:22 26 Dec 20
I love my garage floor! The crew did a wonderful job. Very hard working men! I will be hiring you guys again soon! Thanks for the beautiful floor! I am excited to show everybody. I recommend this place to any and everybody that needs this kind of work done !
Country Rose C.
04:44 05 Mar 21
Punctual, responsive, professional. Worked hard and there was no mess or dust. Leveled my garage floor so that my door would come down flush. Anyone needing this kind of work I would definitely recommend this company!
Angie S.
07:57 04 Mar 21
Everyone I dealt with was so kind & courteous. Pretty great communication & even did some other things I needed for no extra. I already recommended them to others. You can't go wrong with them! Finished product is unbelievable!!
Amber S.
23:22 04 Mar 21
Best in the biz
Seamus O.
21:45 01 Sep 23
They did everything they said they would. You can’t ask for any more than that. My garage floor looks just like l had expected. Very professional outfit. You won’t be disappointed in the least by hiring them!!
Journey B.
03:49 06 Oct 21
my garage floor looks so beautiful thanks to Top Epoxy team! they turned my garage floor into such a nice view than it was before! thank you very much for all the hard work you guys did!
Lois R.
04:14 28 Oct 21
I have dealt with many contractors and I have never worked with one who is as timely and attentive, detail oriented, and their work is phenomenal. I understood the contract, they delivered what they promised, and I would recommend them to anyone!
Starr G.
18:52 02 Dec 21
My experience with Emil has been second to none! Over the multiple projects we have worked on together the product has always turned out immaculate. The attention to detail, work ethic, and professionalism is always above par!
Aundrea M.
01:58 22 Jan 22
Crew did a great job on my garage floor. They have an awesome product that provides a beautiful finish. A truly professional high quality job from beginning to end. Highly recommend
Tiffany P.
23:27 24 Oct 21
Amazing work. Super professional and polite. I loved the final result. He made the floor look like the ocean, what a talent.
mom with C.
04:04 22 Jan 22
These guys are fantastic, they came out the same day and gave an estimate, and were very professional. once we landed on a price the crew came out and did a fantastic job. No corners were cut and they were done on time.
Tina W.
00:52 10 Dec 21
They came when they said they would, hard workers and did a beautiful job. Very honest and explained what would be done in a way I could understand without talking down to me.
Justin W.
02:01 11 Apr 21
Top Epoxy Flooring are the best, everything went extremely smooth, our garage floor looks fantastic, check out the attached pictures.
Stewart A.
16:43 01 Nov 22
his team were fantastic to deal with.The team delivered an exceptional finish and in timely manner, minimising our down time.Can't recommend Sydney Epoxy Flooring enough , thanks guys.
Grace G.
13:48 12 Oct 22
The crew were amazing that came out! They do a wonderful job! Fast and efficient and the flooring turned out better than imagined!! Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to redo their garage floor.
Jessica L.
17:46 23 Apr 21
Cleaned up afterwards. Did no damage to my new paint work and or white cupboards. Came on time, gave good instructions on when we could move items back in. Pleasant to work with. Knowledgeable. A pleasure to do business with. I just love my new garage floor.
Tyler H.
03:21 02 Oct 21
Excellent, its hard to find a company like this who is really dedicated to the work they do. Emil was always prompt, honest, and very friendly. He made you feel like you've known him for a long time. I now know who to go to whenever I need ANY kind of work done on my home or the rental properties I own.
Stephanie T.
00:11 13 Jan 22
The floor began flaking almost immediately & cracks began to buckle. They admitted the flaking was an issue with the material. They would not provide a total refund. We are elderly & they said they would move the items out of garage & then reneged. They would only replace the flooring if we moved all items out of the garage. Because we are elderly & it would require professional movers which they would not pay for. I would NOT recommend.
Did better than expected and did additional work- I am very happy with the work. Reasonably priced. Responded right away. Came out same day for quote and started that day. Was able to get completed in one day.Will recommend to others !!
Sesley S.
02:51 28 Sep 21
Excellent job. Our patio floor looks beautiful, much better than expected.
17:58 01 Jun 23
We had them do our garage floor. They were able to start the work in less than two weeks and finished in two days. The crew was prompt and efficient. The product appears to be of high quality. The price was right and the work is excellent. We love our new garage floor. It is beautiful and we highly recommend them.
Emma “Heather” W.
13:19 14 Dec 21
once you ask a question or for a quote, Emil is quick to answer. he does not leave you hanging. his team is phenomenal and extremely hard working. above punctual because the two days it took to do the job, they were there at my place before the expected time ready to go. the work done is amazing... i really thought there was no way to revive my garage floors but i was in complete shock when i saw how beautiful my new floors were. Thank you very much again!!
Jennifer R.
19:02 05 Dec 21
Amazing Job!Fast, easy to communicate and super professional. We had our garage floor coated by a different company in our old house and the floor had a very bad odor for mounts, looks like this company has they own brand without any bad odor, we were super impressive, we definitely recommend Top Epoxy Flooring if you looking to get your garage floor coated.
Aryan H.
01:25 31 Oct 22
This company was professional and courteous and did a beautiful job on my garage floor. They showed up on time and did the whole job in one day. I would highly recommend them for anyone interested in this service.
Chase the G.
08:52 15 Dec 21